IP Transit

The Network Platforms IP transit is a national and international blended service with impressive connectivity pathways and functionalities. Our international paths on the service include WACS and EASSY

IP Transit
Currently Network Platforms has capacity on SAT-3, EASSy and WACS.

You can enjoy delivery in any one of the Teraco datacentres in South Africa as well as at Hetzner Centurion. We offer a capacity-based unmetered or uncapped solution or we can provide you with a bandwidth model crafted to your specifications – the solution you select will be tailored to map back to your unique requirements.

Our monitoring service comes standard this ensures our customers are always notified the instant any issues arise. In addition, our customers automatically gain access to the graphic interface which offers a quick overview of the capacity they are using. Our monitoring service ensures you are fully informed of usage and capacities at all times and when you need it the most.

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